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Xpanel System

Xpanel Building Technologies are a one-stop construction solution for the building industry based on three-dimensional composite concrete structures. This system provides cost and time savings, at the same time delivering high structure resistance and thermo-acoustic insulation.

Composite structural panels of the Xpanel Building Technologies are formed by a high resistance steel 3D structure, expanded polystyrene, and high-strength concrete.

Each composite structural panel is constituted by two electro-welded steel meshes strongly linked by multiple diagonal connectors oriented in four directions. Between the electro-welded steel meshes, an insulation core plate is placed made of expanded polystyrene. Its thickness is determined based on the thermal design requirements of the project.

This set of panels is completed on-site by applying a layer of concrete on each side. The concrete thickness will be determined according to structural calculations.

Xpanel Building Technologies comply with the International regulations (Eurocode, ACI, BS, IS, SBC and others) and the panels are designed for each project to meet the national requirements.

Xpanel Building Technologies provide a one-stop solution for the construction market, simplifying the shell and core building (superstructure, facades, partitions, and insulation system) in one unique composite element, ensuring cost and time savings with high-level structural properties and thermal insulation.

From single-family houses to multi-story buildings, through facades and singular structures, Xpanel Building Technologies secure the benefits of industrialized construction and bring flexibility to the traditional construction methods.